Wind Developers Look to Goshen as Potential Site for Connecticut’s Second Wind Farm


Drivers going through Colebrook on Route 44 may notice the state’s first two commercial turbines towering over treetops a short distance from the road. The owners of those turbines are now proposing to build a second, larger wind farm in the nearby town of Goshen.

Wind energy development in Connecticut has been challenged by the state’s small size, scarcity of wind, and the lingering effects of a three-year ban the state placed on turbine construction while it figured out how to regulate them.

But BNE Energy of Colebrook is eyeing a tract of heavily forested land owned by the Torrington Water Company in Goshen as a potential site to build six more turbines. At peak, the new wind farm would produce four times as much electricity as the farm in Colebrook.

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