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Have You Had A Home Energy Service (HES) Done On Your House Yet?

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If you haven’t, you should really consider having it done as soon as possible. The HES funding for Oil and Propane customers may no longer be available as of November 1st. Home Energy Solutions is a convenient home energy improvement service that helps homeowners and renters save an average of $200 each year in energy costs.  For a $75 co-pay, licensed technicians will install an average of $700 of energy efficiency products and weatherization services in your home, in under four hours.
As needed, technicians will:
•         Identify and seal air leaks throughout your home, including from windows, doors, attics and ductwork
•         Install hot-water saving measures, including low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators, and hot water pipe insulation
•         Replace up to 25 incandescent bulbs with energy-saving Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs
These fully insured technicians will review the work that was done in your home and tell you about additional resources that can help you save energy and money, including:
•         Appliance rebates (refrigerator, freezer, dehumidifier, washing machine)
•         Insulation rebates HVAC system, hot water heater and furnace rebates
This statewide program, including homeowner financing assistance to make further energy-efficiency improvements, is funded by a charge on Connecticut customers’ utility bills and administered by the state’s electric and gas utilities including: Connecticut Light and Power, United Illuminating, Yankee Gas, Connecticut Natural Gas, and Southern Connecticut Gas.

Download the CL&P authorized contractors list and call today to schedule an appointment.


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