Every dollar invested in Connecticut energy efficiency generates $7 into state economy

energy efficiency

Every dollar invested in energy efficiency generates $7 back into Connecticut’s economy, according to a report by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Board.

The 2017 Programs and Operations Report states that the energy efficiency improvements made last year will save Connecticut homeowners, renters, cities and towns, and businesses of all sizes more than $841 million over the life of those measures.

“Last year’s results prove that energy efficiency works for Connecticut,” said Taren O’Connor, Energy Efficiency Board chair. “The savings are used by residents to support household expenses. It helps businesses and municipalities pay local salaries and be more competitive, and overall, it contributes to the quality of life in our state.”

However, O’Connor said, the state budget passed last fall diverted approximately 33 percent of the customer-funded programs, which she said “will have harmful consequences for future economic growth and job creation in Connecticut.”

The state’s energy efficiency programs and services are supported by customers through a small charge on electric and natural gas bills, marketed under the statewide brand Energize Connecticut, and provided by Eversource, United Illuminating, Southern Connecticut Gas, and Connecticut Natural Gas. Click here for full article