Eastford Home honored for energy efficiency


Paul Torcellini was named the winner in the Innovation for Custom Homes (for Buyers) category at the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2016 Housing Innovation Award ceremony held in Frisceco, Texas, for renovating his home to make it energy-efficient.

The renovation was part of the Eversource and United Illuminating 2015 Energize Connecticut Zero Energy Challenge.

“We achieved our goal of building a self-sustaining home that will minimize its environmental impact for future generations,” Torcellini said. During construction, Torcellini said he used the Energy Departments’ zero-energy “Getting to Zero” guidelines and Energize Connecticut Zero Energy Challenge’s experts.

“To build the house how I wanted it, it just made sense to start from scratch,” Torcellini said. The Housing Innovation Awards, now in their third year, recognize forward-thinking builders, the agency said. The main objective in building the house was to create a self-sustaining home that is energy-efficient, durable, and healthy.

The homeowners were very particular about receiving fresh air in the home through an air-to-air heat exchanger and were provided with effective natural ventilation circulation patterns through the house, as well.

The awards program said the house was selected due to the strong commitment of the owners and the fact that it is situated in an area where it receives a lot of sunlight, allowing builders to create designs that would minimize energy consumption.

Improvements were made in the following areas: windows, insulation, and framing; heating, cooling, and hot water; ventilation; and electrical.

By Ruchi Vaishnav for the Journal Inquirer – Full Article