Connecticut Households Ranked As Biggest Spenders On Energy


Because of our big houses, cold winters, concentration of fuel oil heating, and, most painfully, high electricity costs and fuel oil prices, Connecticut is the state where households spend the most for energy. WalletHub, a personal finance website, released a report Monday ranking each state by the average household spending on electricity, natural gas, fuel oil and gasoline.

The site took all the spending on each category and divided it by the number of housing units (or in the case of gasoline, the number of drivers). Connecticut households spent an average of $410 a month for all energy, WalletHub said, based on the latest federal data for each energy or fuel type. In the No. 2 state, Wyoming, average households spend $355 a month, mostly to pay for gasoline.

The WalletHub figures do not mean the typical household in Connecticut pays more for energy than typical households in other states. Because the figures are averages, big users push up the totals — and as the richest state per capita, Connecticut has more than its share of big users.

In Connecticut, the average household spends $142 a month on electricity, eighth-most in the country — which ranks a little better than you’d think given only three states have higher electric rates. That’s because some hot states with cheaper electricity, such as Texas and Tennessee, have more cooling costs than heating costs and because, in some of those states with milder winters, heat pumps are more commonly installed.

In Illinois, the state with the lowest average spent on electricity, the average household spends $87 a month.

In Connecticut, the average household (including those who don’t heat with fuel oil) spends $1,326 a year on oil — the most in the country. Only New York has more expensive fuel oil, and only Maine uses more fuel oil. Click here for full aticle