Be Recognized For Your Positive Contributions To The Connecticut Environment


Participate in the GreenCircle Sustainability Award Program

If you’ve made Connecticut cleaner and greener, you deserve to be considered for a GreenCircle Sustainability award.

Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), is challenging everyone in Connecticut to do a little extra to help improve the quality of life in our beautiful state.

Since 1998, DEEP’S GreenCircle Award Program has recognized businesses, institutions, individuals, and civic organizations who participated in energy conservation, transportation, pollution prevention or recycling related activities or projects that promoted natural resource conservation or environmental awareness.

The GreenCircle program is now focused on overall sustainability. Through this program, we want to recognize those who took a holistic approach to reducing the environmental impact and resource demands of their operations and activities during the 2016 calendar year.

Your sustainability efforts might include everything from energy conservation, to reducing your need for water, to increasing the recycling of materials at your facility. So in nominating yourself for this award program tell us about the entirety of your work to conserve energy, and resources, and to be a better steward of our planet. When you do so, make sure to tell us about the results of your program – like how much you are saving in dollars and in resources.

The GreenCircle Sustainability Award is meant to reward your efforts. The methods by which you accomplish your goal may come from the type of activities listed under Sustainability Components. Click here for full article