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The Connecticut Energy Workforce Development Consortium (CTEWDC) is a public-private partnership of individuals from business, education, and government working to ensure the availability of a skilled workforce for Connecticut’s traditional energy, renewable energy, and energy-efficiency-related businesses. CTEWDC is a regional affiliate of the national nonprofit Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD).

In 2008, two of the state’s leading utilities—Northeast Utilities (NU) and United Illuminating (UI)—invited the CBIA Education & Workforce Partnership to participate in a regional meeting of the CEWD to discuss current and future energy workforce issues.

As a result, the Partnership brought together stakeholders from business, education, and government to form the Connecticut Energy Workforce Development Consortium. The Consortium has more than 57 business members as well as representatives from government and education.



We welcome new members. Membership in the CTEWDC gives you immediate access to other members, meeting notes, special reports, participation in committee outreach programs, the latest news on energy legislation, and more.

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CTEWDC Members

The CT Energy Workforce Development Consortium meets quarterly from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. at the CBIA 1st Floor Conf. Room, 350 Church Street.

For a list of previous meeting minutes, please click here.